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House Window Term Wood Windows are not
used as much now as in the past. If wood
windows are used they are normally clad or
covered with a vinyl or metal cladding.

House Window Term Glazing refers to the
actual window pane.

House Window Term Aluminum Window
as well as some vinyl windows are
expressed as the width first and then the height.
A window size that is expressed as a 3050
window is 3 ft. wide and 5ft. in height. A window
size that is expressed as 3644 window is 3 ft 6
in. wide and 4 ft 4 height. Some wood
window sizes are expressed differently. A wood
window size might be expressed as 3660. This
window size would be 3 ft. wide and 5 ft. in

House Window Term Low E window term
refers to a low emittance coating that is applied
to the surface of a window pane. This coating is
almost invisible and is used to reflect certain
wave lengths or frequencies of sunlight.

House Window Term Tinted Windows have a
coating applied that reduces the heat and gives
the glass a color. The most common colors are
amber and gray.

House Window Term Single Hung Window is
a window which has only one operable sash. As
in an aluminum window, the only sash that is
operable is the bottom sash.

House Window Term Double Hung Window
has two operable sashes. A wood window
normally has two operating sashes.

House Window Term Window Fin or nailing
fin is the metal strip around the perimeter of the
window. This strip allows the window to be nailed
to the wall sheathing.

House Window Term Window Balance is a
mechanical device which acts as a counter
weight to assist in the opening and closing of
the windows. In old wood windows, the window
balances were weights tied to ropes inside the
window jambs.
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