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Stucco Construction
Stucco Construction Term Scratch Coat is the first
coat of stucco to be applied. This coat is applied over
the metal lathe and allowed to set up a little. A stucco
scratch coat rake  is used to create grooves in the
stucco so the next coat will have bond better to the
first coat.
Stucco Construction Term Paperback Lathe is a
product used to strengthen the stucco and create a
bonding surface. The paper is a felt paper type paper
which serves as a moisture barrier for the stucco. The
metal lathe is a diamond shaped galvanized metal
product. The paper back lathe is installed with
galvanized screws or nails, depending on the backing.
Stucco Construction Term Brown Coat is the second coat
applied in the application of a real stucco system. Normally the
first coat called the scratch coat will be sprayed with water
before the brown coat is applied. Each coat should a certain of
days for curing before the next coat is applied. The brown coat
will be applied and troweled smooth before it dries.
Stucco Construction Term Expansion Joint is a PVC plastic
that is applied to the wall at particular locations that are
normally going to produce a crack. Usually stucco will produce a
hair line crack at outside corners of window and door frames.
There will normally be a crack where to dissimilar materials
meet. To try to prevent these cracks, an expansion joint is
installed to the wall.
Stucco Construction Term Bottom Screed is a
PVC plastic that is applied first at the bottom of the
wall before the paper back lathe is applied. The
paper is lapped over the flange of the screed. One
type of stucco screed that might be used is a drip
screed. This product has holes in the bottom flange
to allow any water that might penetrate the stucco to
drip out. The bottom screed serves as a screed for
the stucco depending on the thickness and also
serves as a stopping point or cap at the bottom.
Stucco Construction
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