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Sitework Construction Terms

Water Tap
Site work
Water Tap is a phrase used to refer to tapping into
the water main for service to a house or building. This is most
often accomplished with Tapping sleeves. This reduces the
water supply down from the size of the water main to one inch,
which is a normal water supply to a meter for a house
Density Test
In Site work Construction Density test is a test done to check
the level of soil compaction achieved during compaction. This
is done with a density testing instrument. This instrument will
indicate the rate of compaction that has been achieved. From
this reading, it will be known if the moisture content is correct  
and if there is a further need for compaction.
Sheep’s Foot
Sheep’s Foot is a heavy piece of equipment used in dirt
compaction. Because of the angle of the projections on the
roller, the Sheep’s Foot  is able to compact at a high value
per square inch. Most are also able to vibrate while it is
compacting. This increases it ability to compact.
Cut & Fill
Site work Cut and Fill is a term that refers to how many yards of dirt will be cut or
excavated or how many yards of fill dirt will be brought in or imported for a particular
Sanitary Manhole
Site work
Construction  Sanitary manhole refers to
manholes that are part of a sewage system. There are many
types and sizes of manholes. Most manholes are cylindrical
in shape and made of concrete.
Man Hole
In Site work Construction clearing is used to describe the
removing of trees, shrubs, and debris prior to beginning
Grubbing in Sitework is completed by using a root rake or
blade to remove buried roots and limbs not removed during
Fill Dirt
In Site work Construction Fill dirt is dirt that is brought in or
imported to be used as fill in a foundation or used to back fill
utility ditches or undercut areas
Bull Dozer
A piece of heavy equipment used for clearing lots and property. It is used to push over
trees and grade construction sites.  
Top Soil
Top soil is a type of soil in Site work that is normally used to provide a good growing
base for vegetation. This soil is usually dark in color and a sandy loam consistency.
Back fill
Backfill is a term used in Site work Construction to refer to placing dirt behind an
existing wall or structure.
Back Hoe
A piece of heavy equipment used to excavate and clear land. A back hoe is used to
trench and can also be used as a front end loader
Box Blade
Box Blade is a piece of equipment that is pulled behind a tractor to pull and level dirt.
The blade or box can be tilted so the blade will either dig deeper to collect dirt or skim
across the top to level the dirt
Water Main Service Lateral
Trench Box
Thrust Block
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