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House Framing Popping Out The Foundation
"Popping out the foundation" is a construction jargon term that refers to popping chalk lines
for the location of walls on the foundation. Before any walls can be raised it is very
important to make sure the foundation is square. Square is a term is used in framing and
means that all the walls in a house or room that form a square or rectangle will be the
correct dimension and parallel. If a room or house foundation is square, the diagonal
measurements will be equal.

Once the foundation is verified as being square, the outside perimeter walls can be popped
out. The chalk lines for the outside perimeter walls will provide a reference point for pulling
measurements and laying out the interior walls. The main purpose of popping out the
foundation is to verify the foundation is square and provide a visual reference on the
foundation of all the exterior and interior walls in the house. Once this is done, this will be a
good time to make any changes in room location or sizes. All room sizes should be
re-checked for size and room diagonals checked for square before starting to lay out the
doors and windows.
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