Residential Plumbing

Residential Plumbing Terms

Residential Plumbing Term Joints
Joints is a term used to refer to the plumbing
connections whether it be in copper or plastic.
Residential Plumbing Term Clean Out
Clean Out is a term used to refer to the access to the
sanitary or waste lines in order to be able to clean them
out if they were clogged.
Residential Plumbing Term  Perk Test
Perk Test is the test that is done to see how well the soil
allows water to penetrate or perk. This test is done to
see if a septic tank can be used in a particular location
on a piece of property
Residential Plumbing Term Pressure Test
Pressure Test is to pressurize the plumbing line and
check to see if it maintains a constant pressure
Residential Plumbing Term Copper Type
Copper Type refers to the type copper that is normally used
in pressure or water applications normally in residential
construction type K or type L is preferable. The higher in
letter the thinner the copper will be.
Residential Plumbing Term Stack Test
Stack Test is a term used to refer to filling a stand pipe
normally 10 foot in height with water and let sit for a period
of time. This is to test normally the sanitary drain in a house
or inner foundation.
REsidential Plumbing Term Rough Plumbing
Rough Plumbing is a term used to a stage in construction
when the plumbing is actually roughed in before the walls
are covered up with sheet rock or other wall finishes.
Residential Plumbing Term Elbow
Elbow is a term used to refer to a particular type fitting
whether it is in copper or plastic, which warms a 90-degree
Residential Plumbing Term Pee Trap
Pee Trap is a term used to refer to the sanitary trap
normally at the beginning of a drain underneath lavatories
or sinks.
Residential Plumbing Term Lateral is a term used to refer
to branching off supply lines whether it is for water or sewer.
Residential Plumbing
Residential Plumbing
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Residential Plumbing
Residential Plumbing
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