House Painting

House Painting Terms

House Painting Terms
House Painting Term Backer Rod
Backer rod is extruded foam rod that is
normally placed in joints that are deeper
than 1/2". This will provide a backing
when the joint is caulked.
House Painting Term Boxing
Boxing is the mixing together of the
different cans of like paint to be used on a
job, to ensure consistency of color.
House Painting Term Alligatoring
Alligatoring is a scaly pattern that
appears on paint due to the inability of
the paint to bond to a glossy coating
beneath it.
House Painting Term Bleeding
Bleeding is when there is an underlying
substance or material that is showing
through after the area is painted. This
area needs to be painted separately with
a product that will kill the stain and prevent
the bleeding.
House Painting Term Latex
Latex is a term sometimes used to
describe a water based paint
House Painting Term Chalking
Chalking is deterioration of the surface of
an exterior paint after weathering. The
paint will appear faded and powdery. Chalk
should be removed prior to repainting
House Painting Term Caulking
Caulking is a generic term for a compound
used to fill cracks, gaps, seams and joints.
House Painting Term Cutting In
Cutting in refers to the painting of a
surface adjacent to another surface that
must not be painted. Cutting in is normally
done before the painter uses a roller to
roll the surface such as a wall.
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