Fireplace Construction

Fireplace Terms
Throat Fireplace  Construction
The throat mainly refers to a real fireplace. In a real fireplace, the smoke rises out
of the firebox, through the damper, and into the throat of the fireplace. The throat
allowed the smoke to roll down and then back up into the chimney.
Flue Liners Fireplace  Construction
Flue liners are clay tile units that come in different sizes, depending on the size of the chimney.
They normally are  two feet in length and are laid in the chimney to form the inner liner. The
flue liners are then wrapped with common brick and the outside face brick.
Hearth Fireplace  Construction
The hearth is the flat or raised projection in front of a fireplace. The hearth will be built
depending on the style and design of the fireplace. One of the primary functions of the hearth
is to protect the area directly in front of the fireplace from sparks that might pop out of the
Damper Fireplace  Construction
The damper is normally a cast iron piece that has a door to allow the heat and smoke from a
fireplace to escape up the chimney. When the fireplace is not in use the damper can be
closed to prevent conditioned air from going up the chimney
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Fireplace Construction