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Residential Electrical
Residential Electrical Term Receptacle is an electrical device used to furnish a electrical
source for electrical tools or appliances. Receptacles can provide either 110 volt or 220 volt
supply. Receptacles can also be switched from a light switch to operate a light.
Residential Electrical Term Connector can refer to either a romex connector or an EMT
conduit connector. A romex connector is used to connect romex cable to electrical boxes.
EMT connectors are used to connect EMT conduit to electrical boxes.
Residential Electrical Term Two Gang is a term used to refer to a particular type of
electrical box. A two gang box will hold two switches, two receptacles, or one switch and one
Residential Electrical Term Ground Rod is a copper or aluminum rod which is 1/2 inch in
diameter and normally eight feet long. It is driven in the ground near the outside electrical
service and is used as an electrical ground for the house electrical service.
Electrical Term Switch is an electrical device which is used to other devices on and off.
It does this by opening the electrical connection to the device.
Residential Electrical Term Home Run refers to the main line
that runs from the electrical service panel to the first device in
the electrical circuit.
Electrical Term Switch Leg is the wire in the connected to the
switch which controls the on and off of the device.
Residential Electrical Term Breaker Panel is the electrical
service panel which contains your house breakers. Most homes
have an electrical panel outside which holds the main breakers
and all of the 220 volt breakers. There will also be another panel
inside the house which will contain all the 110 volt breakers.
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Residential Electrical
Residential Electrical
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Residential Electrical
Residential Electrical Term Fuse is a protective electrical
device. A fuse is rated for a maximum amount of current flow
which is measured in amps. Electrical current is measured in
amperes also called amps. When the current flow exceeds the
amperage rating on the fuse, the fuse link in the fuse will open
and stop the flow of current. Years ago everything, both AC and
DC current, were protected with fuses. Today most have been
replaced with electrical breakers
Residential Electrical Term Romex is a particular type of
electrical wiring used mainly in new home construction. Romex
consists of a certain size wires wrapped in a plastic sheath. A
particular type of romex might be marked as 10/3 with ground.
This romex cable will consist of 3 runs of colored coded 10
gauge wire and one run of bare copper wire which will be the
ground. The colored coded wires should be red, black, and
white. The red and black wires will be hot wires and the white
wire will be the common wire. This type wire would be used in a
220 volt circuit.
Residential Electrical Term EMT is a thin walled metal
electrical conduit. In the past before flexible PVC conduit was
accepted for commercial use, Emt was the main conduit product
used in commercial construction. Emt conduit did not need to
be threaded and was bent to meet the requirements of the job.
Emt has fittings such as connectors and couplings in order to
connect the individual pieces and connect to metal boxes
Residential Electrical Term Pig Tail is a temporary electrical light device. The pig tail consists of a light socket and two
connecting wires. There is normally one white wire and one black wire. These wires are connected to the primary wire hung to
provide temporary lighting for a project. These wires are connected with wire nuts and taped with electrical tape for safety
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Residential Electrical Term Temporary pole is
electrical pole made to provide electrical power during a
construction project. The pole will consist of a breaker
box and receptacles to allow construction tools to be
plugged in.
Residential Electrical Term Wire nuts are used to
connect multiple wires together. They provide a good
electrical connection after twisting the wire nuts tight.
Residential Electrical Term keyless is a single bulb
electoral device used normally in a story area or for
temporary lighting. The fixture is a white porcelain fixture.
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