Sheetrock Terms

Fire Tape  Sheetrock Term
Fire tape is an application of tape and mud
over the sheetrock joints in a fire wall. This
mainly to seal the joints and serves as a draft
Hot Mud Sheetrock Term
Hot Mud is a special kind of sheet rock mud
that is used when there is a need for the mud
to dry quickly. This type mud creates heat and
dries quicker than normal mud. This type is
normally used in small areas such as a
sheetrock patch
Sheetrock  Sheetrock Term
resistant or fire rated. Sheetrock also comes
resistant or fire rated. Sheetrock also comes
in different thicknesses such as 1/2 inch and
5/8 inch.5/8 inch.
Corner Bead  Sheetrock Term
Corner bead is a metal or vinyl product used
to form outside corners on a sheetrock wall.
The corner bead is applied with a crimping
tool or nailed with galvanized nails. Sheetrock
mud is then applied to form a smooth outside
Bazooka  Sheetrock Term
corners. This tool makes this application
quicker and easier.quicker and easier.
Butt Joint Sheetrock Term
Butt Joint is the joint that is formed when the
two ends of a piece of sheetrock are butted
Orange Peel  Sheetrock Term
Orange peel is a type of sheetrock finish. This
is the final step in sheetrock finishing. An
orange peel finish will resemble the skin of an
orange. The finish can be applied heavy or
light and is mainly a matter of personal taste.
Green Board Sheetrock Term
Green Board is a gypsum product which is
green in color. This product is moisture resistant
sheetrock that is used in wet areas such as in
bathrooms or behind kitchen sinks.
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Drywall Terms
Drywall Terms
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