Concrete Finishing

Concrete Jitterbug

Concrete Finishing
Jitter Bug
In Construction Terminology , the term
"jitterbug" is a Construction Term for a tool that is
used when pouring
concrete. It is used to push the
gravel in the concrete down in order to prevent the
gravel from interfering in the finishing process. The
concrete finisher will move the jitterbug up and
down as he walks slowly backwards.  The jitterbug
has numerous holes across the bottom plate.  These
holes allow the cream of the
concrete to come up
through the holes and at the same time push the
gravel further down into the foundation.  This
process takes place right before the use of the bull
float to smooth the top of the freshly poured
concrete.  Because the gravel has been pushed
further down, the bull float will produce a smoother
finish. Today it seems like many of the
finishers have gotten away from using a jitterbug.  
Jitter Bug
Concrete Finishing
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