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Form Boards

Concrete Form Boards
Foundation Term Form boards are boards that are used to
form up or build the form used to hold in the
concrete until it
has set up and become hard. Before the
form boards can
be set in place the building has to be laid out with the use of
batter boards. Once the batter boards have been put in
place, strings are used to lay out the perimeter of the house.
form boards will then be installed in place using the
strings as a guide for the house foundation. The height of
the strings will determine what size lumber will be required for
form boards. Stakes are used to hold the form boards
in place. Other angle stakes are also used in order to
strengthen the
form boards. Form boards are very
important because if they're installed incorrectly they can
affect the elevation of the
foundation as well as the
dimensions. Depending on the soil condition and
compaction, metal or wood stakes can be used. Metal forms
are often used in commercial construction and also for
creating curves or radius concrete.
Form Boards
Form Boards
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