Bull float is tool that is used to level concrete after it has initially been
poured.  It is put together in sections. On the lower end, there is a
rectangular piece attached. These pieces come in different sizes and
shapes. After the concrete is poured and screed, the bull float can be used
to level out any humps or fill in any dips. As the float goes across the
concrete, the rock is pushed down which leaves only the concrete cream on
top. After the concrete has set up a little, the
slab can be bull floated again
and slicks the surface out even more. When the bull float is pushed, the
handle is held low so the back edge floats across the concrete. As the bull
float is pulled back, the handle is held high and the front edge floats the
surface. Each push and pull stops approximately one foot short of the form
so as not to push concrete over the form. This allows the edges to be hand
troweled with a
finishing trowel
Bull Float
Bull Float
Bull Float
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