Masonry Bricks

Brick Masonry Terms

Masonry Term Running Bond refers to
courses of brick that are laid with
staggering head joints. This is the most
common bond when laying
brick. If a running bond is being used with a
modular brick, the end of the brick will be at
the mid point of the brick on the course

Masonry Term Wall Ties used in
residential construction are corrugated
galvanized metal strips. The wall ties are
bent to form a 90 degree angle and nailed
to the wall usually every six courses
vertically and every stud

Masonry Term Brick Ledge is normally a
depression placed in the outside perimeter
of the house wherever brick will be located.
This is 5 1/2" wide and 1 1/2" deep.

Masonry Term Mortar is a mixture of
sand, a binder such as lime, and water. On
construction sites, The mortar mix comes in
bags and the mason sand and water are
mixed together on the job site.

Masonry Term Brick Trowel is a tool that
is used to spread mortar and lay brick. It is
used also to make brick cuts and remove
excess mortar from the brick course as the
brick are being laid.

Masonry Term Brick Rule is a folding six
foot rule that has a normal increments in
feet on one side and  brick courses laid out
on the other. The brick run is laid out in
individual numbers such as 1,2,3,4,5 etc.
When a
brick mason marks his speed pole, he will
mark all 5's if he is laying the brick on a five.
Masonry Term Head Joint refers to the
vertical mortar joint where two bricks butt
together at the end of a brick. When laying
brick, these joints should be straight
vertically. With king or queen size brick
these bricks will
stagger but will be straight vertically

Masonry Term Bed Joint is the horizontal
mortar bed that the bricks are laid on. The
mortar is spread on top of the course
below and the brick are laid to the string
line on top of the mortar.

Masonry Term Rake Joint refers to the
type of mortar joint will be in the brick. After
the mortar dries a little, a joiner is used to
rake out a groove about a 1/4 of an inch in
the mortar joint.

Masonry Term Course of brick refers to
one layer or row of bricks.
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Brick Terms
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